Black Voters: No Tea For Me

Article first published as Report Says Tea Party is Losing Black Vote on Technorati.

Seemingly a foregone conclusion to those on the left, a study shows that the Tea Party is losing the black vote as the mid-term elections approach.

Carl Paladino

By Hiroko Masuike/Getty Images

According to data released Sunday by PJTV’s Tea Party TV, the percentage of black voters who are more likely to vote for a Tea Party-supported candidate has dropped from 33 percent to 27 percent during the period of August 1 to October 24. PJTV, which calls itself the “first center-right online television network,” offers commentary and analysis via video over the Internet.

Dogged by claims of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) that the Tea Party’s “take back our country” rhetoric calls for a return to Jim Crow laws; analysts blame higher sources for this decline in support.

“It is no surprise that the numbers would dip slightly, as President Obama has been playing the race card against the Tea Party for weeks now,” said Joe Hicks, host of PJTV’s The Minority Report. “He has worked with the mainstream media to associate racial bias with an issue that has nothing to do with race, and as such, has guilt-tripped some blacks into voting against the Tea Party.”

Blacks are not the only voting group that has cooled toward Tea Party-backed candidates. Recently, Meghan McCain said on ABC news that the Tea Party is losing young voters because some of the candidates running this November do not support many of the interests that young people hold dear.

Strong backing by both the black and the young demographic proved to be instrumental in helping Barack Obama win the presidency in 2008. With Tuesday just around the corner, time is running out if the Tea Party hopes to gain a stronghold in the minds of wavering voters.

2 Responses to “Black Voters: No Tea For Me”
  1. Carl says:

    Thanks for shedding light…good to see you got picked up by Technorati…nice work!

  2. Great opinonsI will give this some thought!!!

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