“Beauty” is Her Name: Beauty P

In the age of sex and scandal, where no-names leak nude pics of themselves hoping for a shot at their 15 minutes of fame, I saw something different.  A YouTube video for an upstart rapper featured a young woman dancing.  Sounds pretty boring, right? It gets even worse when I tell you that she was FULLY DRESSED.  This made an impression though.

Without showing any skin, she danced, laughed, and smiled and it was beautiful.   Maybe that’s how Portia Jenkins got the name, Beauty P.   She has the face of a porcelain doll and a figure that would stop rush hour traffic in any city.

I interviewed the Philly-born Portia recently.  Now residing in Columbus, OH, she talked about modeling stigmas, how any woman can be a “dime,” and puts fellas up on game.  She also sent over a few pictures of her a little less than fully dressed.

FitSL: How did you begin modeling?

It started with my best friends Dana and Daman, and Jamal. They all kept telling me, “You could be a model,” when they  would look at all the magazines. So one day they took a regular picture of me we sent it out to Smooth Magazine in the mail and four days later I got a call from Sean asking could I be  part of a Smooth shoot with Bow Wow. That was my start and it went on from there.

FitSL: You’ve been featured in music videos.  What do you think about the label “video hoe” that sometimes comes with this?

I have done Chingy’s “Dem Jeans” video and Plies and Ne-Yo’s “Bust It Baby. “ The whole video hoe thing is brought on by the women at times. If you look at it as a job and are not interested in hanging out giving out numbers, just keeping it professional, the people you work with will respect you for just doing your job. That’s what I did.

FitSL: You were rated a “dyme” by ATLNightspots.com.  What are some tips for ladies who want to be perfect tens?

All I can say is be your self, know you are sexy and if you want it, own it. Never let anyone tell you different.  People see you the way you see yourself in life.

FitSL: You represent team “No Photo Shop.”  What do you think about the trend of women getting enhancements to improve their bodies?

All I can say is do what makes you happy on getting body parts done, but do it for yourself not to impress other people or to be accepted by other people.  And yes I am 100% natural.   Thank my mama (laughs).

FitSL: Is there pressure to get enhancements if a woman wants to succeed in the modeling industry?

I think it is, that’s why women are not happy with themselves.  They feel like if  [they] get a boob job or [their] butt done [they] can be big in the game.  They could have been just as big without  it.  Now everyone has boobs and booty so you have to have more to separate you from the rest.

FitSL: You’ve already been featured in some of the top urban magazines.  What is the next step in your career?

I want to take it mainstream, be an Ambi model,  a model that is taken seriously.  I want to be that model to let girls know mainstream wise,  it’s ok to have meat on your bones.

FitSL: What advice can you give young women who want to pursue a career in the modeling industry?

Find a way to stand out but don’t lose your morals while doing so.  Pick and chose what you do;  it’s not good to do any and everything that is offered to you at the time  just because you want to be seen. Love you and people will follow.

FitSL: What’s Beauty P like when she isn’t working?

Portia Jenkins works at law firms when I work,  I am very independent and I always keep people laughing when they are around me.  I love family and real friends; they are what keep me going.  I love to surround myself with love and loyal people.  I also have a nephew, Lance, and a Puppy named Gizmoe I adore.  They make me really happy when no one else can.

FitSL: Are men intimidated by you?

I will say a lot of times, yes.  Men don’t like to really wife up women that get a lot of attention, I have noticed.

FitSL: What are men’s biggest mistakes when trying to get a woman? What advice can you give them?

Never talk about what you have to a real woman.  If she is an independent woman like me, she will be turned off.  Be yourself and she will respect you for that.

FitSL: Do you have any shoutouts?

I want to thank everyone that has always believed in me:  my family, my friends Quaron, Sabrina, Nessa, Nae, Talisha, Shalanda, Dana and Daman, Jamal Dorsey, Ashlee, Ray, and Mesha.  Also  Sean Cummings at Show Magazine, Marcus Blassingame at Black Men Magazine,  Kay Slay at Straight Stuntin Magazine, and  Sandy at Smooth.  They all held me down and believed in me and supported me from the start.

4 Responses to ““Beauty” is Her Name: Beauty P”
  1. macky says:

    Portia is flat out beautiful and she does look like a doll in the face this women could have it all from me

  2. candyman says:

    she is so gorgeous yes she deserves to be called that

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