TI$A x ‘the $tyle syndrome’:: | Fashion | Video

TI$A introduces a new aesthetic on LA style, with the clips from their later to be released style documentary.  Shot on location throughout Los Angeles, this piece features specific items that will be debuting throughout the Summer months, along with hinting at the introduction of the FW11 Loafer collection.  The brand can be seen on … Continue reading

Features | What’s to Gain from Higher Education?

Ed.’s Note: I dropped this over at Technorati last week.  Read, contemplate, comment. Article first published as What’s to Gain from Higher Education? on Technorati. “Don’t believe everything your earlobe captures, it’s mostly backwards.” As a longtime advocate of higher education, I’ve seen the model for achieving individual success change so drastically that today, I’d … Continue reading

Malene Younglao | “Miss America”| Music Video

Save the roses and tiaras. Malene Younglao is serving notice that she ain’t “Miss America.”  Filmed in her neighborhood in Brooklyn, the video for the track, released in 2010, contrasts multiple female representations against gritty urban images, creating a fitting backdrop to the song.   Younglao, with her stunning good looks and large tattoos, physically embodies … Continue reading

Curren$y ft Freddie Gibbs “Scottie Pippen” | New Music

Spitta drops another burner off his upcoming project with Alchemist called “Scottie Pippen.”  One of my favorite things about Curren$y tracks is listening to the lyrics and trying to figure out why he picked his title.  Sometimes he never really says it in the rap, it’s just implied so you have to figure it out.  … Continue reading

Fast Music Friday | Self-Conscious “Sweetest Of The Swishers”

Straight from Dallas comes the group Self-Conscious, comprised of Matt Reed, Eddie Vanz, and Charlie Rockz.  Their single, “Sweetest OF The Swishers,” is dripping with that southern lean thanks to production by Super Miles.  Look out for the album Tell A Friend 2 Tell A Friend.  Other tracks available at the group website. Download: “Sweetest … Continue reading

Fast Music Friday | Nick Carter Green ” Don’t Wanna Lose”

This jazzy track by Nick Carter Green called, “Don’t Wanna Lose,” is the first single off his debut album XIX.  The record’s produced by Bravestarr1.  The rapper who claims Chicago and L.A. has other tracks and downloads available on his website http://www.nickcartergreen.com.

Media | The LeBrons: Episode 1 | Video

Lebron James said his goal was to become a “global icon.” He took another step on Thursday with the premiere of his new animated web series, The LeBrons.  The characters are based on those featured in several Nike ads in 2006, including Athlete, Biz, Kid and Wise, with the actual Lebron voicing the Biz character.  … Continue reading