Syleena Johnson – “My Shoes” (Chapter V: Underrated)

Near the close of Kanye West‘s single “All Falls Down,” he can be heard saying, “Syleena you’re like the safe belt.  You saved my life.”  He was referring to songstress Syleena Johnson, fellow Chicagoan, and voice heard singing the chorus on “All Falls Down.”  What Kanye meant was how in a last minute effort, Johnson … Continue reading

VSTAXX is Breaking the Model

Personalities like Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian have changed the way we look at fame by becoming overnight celebrities. But really, you know more about the men they’ve dated (Kanye West, Reggie Bush) than about their actual talents. That’s not the case with VSTAXX, aka Lady Fire. Although she mentions those women above as influences, she’s not resting on a shapely figure and a pretty face.