Features | What’s to Gain from Higher Education?

Ed.’s Note: I dropped this over at Technorati last week.  Read, contemplate, comment. Article first published as What’s to Gain from Higher Education? on Technorati. “Don’t believe everything your earlobe captures, it’s mostly backwards.” As a longtime advocate of higher education, I’ve seen the model for achieving individual success change so drastically that today, I’d … Continue reading

Spike Lee Wants More Black Men to Become Teachers

Filmmaker Spike Lee wants more black men to “Do The Right Thing” by becoming teachers.  Lee, along with Education Secretary Arne Duncan, held a forum at Morehouse College to make his plea. Everybody can’t be a business major. We have to educate ourselves. We have to educate our young black men. – Spike Lee via … Continue reading

Student Unrest at University of Puerto Rico

Administrators prepare for walkouts and more protests as their students take civic action at the University of Puerto Rico . Get up, stand up! Students are demanding that university officials eliminate an $800 yearly fee that officials hope to impose this year, saying it will help to reduce the system’s budget deficit. Students already pay … Continue reading