Sports| Horace Spencer III: The Next Lebron James?| Culture

A Philadelphia teen named Horace Spencer III is leaving both basketball insiders and casual fans wide-mouthed because of his size (6’8) and skill level.  Did I mention Horace is just 14 years-old?  Some say he’s the next Lebron. Check out the video and see for yourself. via Dr. Jays Live Advertisements

Buzz Bissinger |White Fans Losing Interest in the NBA |Media

I came across this story when ESPN columnist, Jemele Hill tweeted the link. Author Buzz Bissinger is known for stirring up controversy.  This should do more of the same.  In a story for The Daily Beast, Bissinger explains why white folks don’t watch the NBA with the same interest they had when there were more … Continue reading

GQ’s Guide to the New NBA Golden Age|Media

With NBA All-Star Weekend approaching, GQ Magazine did an excellent spread on the league with breakout features on Kevin Durant and his Oklahoma City Thunder, “King” James being the best-dressed player, and why people generally love pro basketball.  This is required reading for NBA fans and/or groupies with hoop dreams, headed to L.A. via GQ

Hoopism: NBA Slam Dunk Contest Video Library

If you’re a basketball fan, you will love this.  Want to see every dunk in the history of the NBA Dunk Contest? The good people over at Hoopism put this together.  My personal favorite is this one, but you can see them all here.  

Kobe Bryant Film “The Black Mamba” (Behind the Scenes)

Footage shot behind the scenes of Kobe’s upcoming short film, The Black Mamba, to be released during NBA All-Star Weekend. via RR

Seton Hall’s Hazell shot in NYC

His college basketball career is up in the air, but Jeremy Hazell just feels lucky after surviving a Christmas night shooting. “I knew I got shot,” the Seton Hall senior guard told the New York Daily News on Monday. “I felt it, but I just kept running.” Four men tried to rob Hazell as the … Continue reading

Brett Favre: Coach Killer

Article first published as Brett Favre is a Coach Killer on Technorati. The term “Coach Killer” doesn’t refer to a homicidal maniac whose victims blow a whistle and tote a clipboard. It describes athletes possessing immense talent and the ability to bring such chaos to a team that the organization feels their presence long after … Continue reading