Happy Birthday to Us!

FAST in the SLOW LANE is one year old today! After a quick start, things have calmed down considerably.  Due to a few life changes that altered my writing schedule, the frequency of posts went from daily, to rarely, to none.  This is going to change! We’ve built too much momentum to let FAST in the SLOW LANE just go away.  We spotlighted new musicians like Elle Varner who you can expect to blow up in the coming year.  We reported on world issues such as the birth of a new African nation.  We’ve covered controversial topics regarding federal laws and the police as well as a piece about actress Rashida Jones and race that has been our MOST VISITED post.  If that’s no enough, we’ve posted original concert reviews on artists such as Maybach Music signee Wale (before the deal) and on a documentary film about music and entertainment figure, Kenny Burns.  Our proudest moment was definitely getting the opportunity for an “exclusive” interview with one of the hardest-rhyming female MCs of our time, the former Def Jam recording artist, Lady Luck. So take these next couple of weeks to catch up if you haven’t already been checking us out.  New music, men’s and women’s fashion, and the latest in culture, politics and the tech world are just some of what we have to offer.

Happy Birthday to Us!

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