Media | The LeBrons: Episode 1 | Video

Lebron James said his goal was to become a “global icon.” He took another step on Thursday with the premiere of his new animated web series, The LeBrons.  The characters are based on those featured in several Nike ads in 2006, including Athlete, Biz, Kid and Wise, with the actual Lebron voicing the Biz character.  … Continue reading

Sports| Horace Spencer III: The Next Lebron James?| Culture

A Philadelphia teen named Horace Spencer III is leaving both basketball insiders and casual fans wide-mouthed because of his size (6’8) and skill level.  Did I mention Horace is just 14 years-old?  Some say he’s the next Lebron. Check out the video and see for yourself. via Dr. Jays Live

GQ’s Guide to the New NBA Golden Age|Media

With NBA All-Star Weekend approaching, GQ Magazine did an excellent spread on the league with breakout features on Kevin Durant and his Oklahoma City Thunder, “King” James being the best-dressed player, and why people generally love pro basketball.  This is required reading for NBA fans and/or groupies with hoop dreams, headed to L.A. via GQ