On Haynesworth

This article originally appeared at manswrites.blogspot.com Many minds, from NFL insiders to armchair GMs, have an opinion on this Albert Haynesworth thing.  Here’s mine. Despite any acclaim Haynesworth has earned in the league with his play, my highlight reel for him contains two clips.  The first is him stomping on Andre Gurode’s face during a … Continue reading

Brett Favre: Coach Killer

Article first published as Brett Favre is a Coach Killer on Technorati. The term “Coach Killer” doesn’t refer to a homicidal maniac whose victims blow a whistle and tote a clipboard. It describes athletes possessing immense talent and the ability to bring such chaos to a team that the organization feels their presence long after … Continue reading

Michael Vick Died for Our Sins

Editor’s Note:  This post originally appeared at The No Snooker Zone on September 17, 2010.   An edited version appears here. Michael Vick is the starting quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles.  So of course, he’s still alive.  His NFL football career almost got killed though.  Dead.  Much like the dogs that died,  for which Vick was … Continue reading