Men’s Fashion: Woolrich Woolen Mills F/W 2011 Preview

Woolrich Woolen Mills made a few items available for preview from their 2011 collection.  These feel right on time for the icy weather most of the country is experiencing. Check out the rugby striped trench up top and some additional styles below. Get in where you fit in. Advertisements

Classic Fits: North Face Bubble Jacket

The North Face “Bubble” Jacket is a cold weather staple.  From corner hustlers to celebutantes, people know how to get dressed once the “hawk” is out. The company markets it as the “Crimptastic Jacket” but diehards recognize the product by any name. Find this and other apparel at

Classic Fits

It’s often said that you have to respect the classics.  This holds true in terms of fashion.  Countless trends come and go in the world of style (remember these), but there are a few staples that no matter the year, will always be in.  Get ready for fall by previewing these items, what I call … Continue reading