T-Mobile Phones Become Payment Devices in 2012 | Tech | News

Saying “I forgot my wallet” will become a thing of the past for Americans.  Already capable in Germany and Poland, T-Mobile will roll out the full payment system in the U.S., Netherlands, and Czech Republic in 2012.  The near-field communications technology (NFC) will allow users to wave their phones over a sensor and a payment … Continue reading

Tech: iPhone Passwords are Easy to Steal

Hide ya kids.  Hide ya wife.  Hide ya passwords?  Tech experts found out that it takes just under six minutes to get every password that’s kept inside the iPhone.  Some of this is too much for me to even understand. Make sure you read the article so you can keep your sh*t protected. via Gizmodo

Pics of the Apple iPad 2 Mock-up

Surely this will make the tech heads go craaaazy! At the CES, Consumer Electronics Show, currently taking place in Las Vegas, Apple aficionados got the chance to view mock-ups of the iPad 2. Not quite the real thing, but  based on reports and research, these prototypes usually bear some resemblance to the real thing. Get … Continue reading