Features | What’s to Gain from Higher Education?

Ed.’s Note: I dropped this over at Technorati last week.  Read, contemplate, comment. Article first published as What’s to Gain from Higher Education? on Technorati. “Don’t believe everything your earlobe captures, it’s mostly backwards.” As a longtime advocate of higher education, I’ve seen the model for achieving individual success change so drastically that today, I’d … Continue reading

Talib Kweli (Ruby Hornet Interview)

In the game for over a decade, Talib Kweli Greene made his name when he burst onto the scene as half of Black Star. Kweli sat down with Ruby Hornet correspondent, Vaughn Roland, for this informative interview. I’m constantly evolving and changing, but I also know what I’m good at. Gutter Rainbows is the album … Continue reading

“Beauty” is Her Name: Beauty P

In the age of sex and scandal, where no-names leak nude pics of themselves hoping for a shot at their 15 minutes of fame, I saw something different.  A YouTube video for an upstart rapper featured a young woman dancing.  Sounds pretty boring, right? It gets even worse when I tell you that she was … Continue reading

Jay Electronica: Do This My Way (RESPECT Magazine)

By the time you read this: Jay Electronica may have, at long last, landed a record deal. Or not. It’s hard to predict the future of the enigmatic MC who electrified the rap world from the end of ’09 to early 2010 with a song called “Exhibit C.” Produced by Just Blaze, who broke the … Continue reading

On Haynesworth

This article originally appeared at manswrites.blogspot.com Many minds, from NFL insiders to armchair GMs, have an opinion on this Albert Haynesworth thing.  Here’s mine. Despite any acclaim Haynesworth has earned in the league with his play, my highlight reel for him contains two clips.  The first is him stomping on Andre Gurode’s face during a … Continue reading

Brett Favre: Coach Killer

Article first published as Brett Favre is a Coach Killer on Technorati. The term “Coach Killer” doesn’t refer to a homicidal maniac whose victims blow a whistle and tote a clipboard. It describes athletes possessing immense talent and the ability to bring such chaos to a team that the organization feels their presence long after … Continue reading

Rashida Jones and The Complexities of Racial Identity

I wonder whether Rashida Jones dreams in black or white. That’s not a typo.  I didn’t mean to say black & white or color, as the issue is often framed.  I mean, for example, when she’s fast asleep and has a dream about being at party or going to the supermarket or having sex, what … Continue reading