Jay Electronica: Do This My Way (RESPECT Magazine)

By the time you read this: Jay Electronica may have, at long last, landed a record deal. Or not. It’s hard to predict the future of the enigmatic MC who electrified the rap world from the end of ’09 to early 2010 with a song called “Exhibit C.” Produced by Just Blaze, who broke the … Continue reading

Justin Timberlake Wants To Touch Your A*s (And You’re Gonna Let Him)

Don’t stare directly into his eyes.  Especially if you happen to be a black woman. But then again, maybe you should.  If by chance you get trapped by his seemingly magical powers of pale seduction, he just might make you famous (or infamous) if that’s what you’re after.  Justin Timberlake: the singing, dancing,  Britney Spears-loving,  … Continue reading