Clinton gave gift of clemency

Note: Kemba Smith Pradia has received awards for her efforts to educate the public about the social, economic and political consequences of drug policies. She received a Soros Justice Postgraduate Fellowship for advocates and is developing the Kemba Smith Foundation. Indianapolis (CNN) — Ten years ago, days before Christmas, President Bill Clinton changed my life … Continue reading

Things Go Boom – Black Eyed Peas Hit With Two Copyright Infringement Suits

Article first published as Things Go Boom – Black Eyed Peas Hit With Two Copyright Infringement Suits on Technorati. With simple titles like “I Gotta Feeling” and “Boom Boom Pow,” you wouldn’t think that the Black Eyed Peas  copied those tracks from someone else. This much is alleged in two separate copyright infringement lawsuits filed … Continue reading

Dirty Jersey – Sneak & Peek Warrants

Imagine coming home and finding your living room furniture arranged slightly different than you left it. A glance at the carpet shows mud that wasn’t there before. These are signs that an intruder has been in your house. But hold on a second before you call the police.

It may have been the police.