FASTintheSLOWLANE is a site dedicated to the individual who lives “Life at a higher speed.”  Whether climbing through the corporate ranks, working the average 9 to 5,  or making moves in your own lane; you know where you’re going and have the attitude to get there.   If others get in the way you just go past them.  At FASTintheSLOWLANE, you’ll find features, news, and opinions from writers with progressive attitudes.  Stay up on new music, video, and other web content.  Find out the freshest styles and see who’s making the latest tastes.  Check out other people who are moving FAST.  Speak your mind about issues that will shape our future.  We’ll cover what you need to know tomorrow – because today’s news is old news.

We appreciate your support.  Check in daily, get involved, and share with a friend.



3 Responses to “About”
  1. MISSRuBy says:

    I really like the concept of this website. FastintheSlowLane speaks volumes to me, and I’m sure many more can relate. I can see it getting pretty big with the right effort. I’ll be subscribing to the RSS feed, keep up the great work!

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