Kobe Bryant Film “The Black Mamba” (Behind the Scenes)

Footage shot behind the scenes of Kobe’s upcoming short film, The Black Mamba, to be released during NBA All-Star Weekend. via RR Advertisements

Reactions to State of the Union Address

President Barack Obama’s State Of The Union Address 2011 was a rousing success, as Democrats and Republicans sat together in an effective show of togetherness, and Obama set the right tone for “Winning The Future.” The speech was more than politically effective, it dominated social networks, especially Twitter. The SOTU represented, at one point, seven … Continue reading

Talib Kweli (Ruby Hornet Interview)

In the game for over a decade, Talib Kweli Greene made his name when he burst onto the scene as half of Black Star. Kweli sat down with Ruby Hornet correspondent, Vaughn Roland, for this informative interview. I’m constantly evolving and changing, but I also know what I’m good at. Gutter Rainbows is the album … Continue reading

Jamiroquai “Lifeline” (New Video)

Article first published as Jamiroquai “Lifeline” on Technorati. Employing an old standard in music video concepts, Jamiroquai uses tour footage to illustrate their latest clip, “Lifeline.” The idea is well-suited for the song whose chorus says, “I’m back on the road with you again, baby.” Jamiroquai, the British funk-jazz band, released their seventh studio album, … Continue reading

Autos: Aston Martin DB9

  “The Aston Martin DB9 is a thoroughbred sports car with GT levels of comfort and refinement. Combining Aston Martin’s unique character with an uncompromising design philosophy, the DB9 was borne out of a synthesis of traditional craftsmanship, high-tech manufacturing, modern components and use of the finest materials. The DB9 is both a full-blooded sports … Continue reading

Mr. Forbes – I’m So High (Video)

The homeboy Mr. Forbes (@WhoisYoForbes) dropped off  his video for the single “I’m So High.”  DMV stand up.

TDK Chronicles: Nas Paying Homage

Nasty Nas gives props to the old school in this mini-documentary, the TDK Chronicles.  Let your tapes rock until they pop. RR